24 Hours In Preciousness Hell

24 hours in hell you say
Because you had a fight with your lover
Whom, btw is still there by your side
Could discomfort be a better term?
24 hours in hell baby?
All dependent upon the definition you use
Upon if what you call hell is really worth the term
Upon how you view the situation
And upon how blind you are to possible positive factors
Upon how you view life generally
What you call up and what you call down
And how you choose to live in times of stress
And if you choose to learn in times of stress
Of if perhaps you don’t know how lucky you are
And take for granted what you have
And never stop to pause at any time
To see what others deal with on a daily basis
And while you are there, lend a hand
Because I have to tell you 24 hours in your hell is a joke baby
It’s a scene of self-importance, it’s embarrassing, and shows a total lack of understanding of the world around you
And a total lack of any learning anytime
And a total shame you do not see any shade deeper than this
But that is your reality and that is your true hell

Bears Rebellion 07/04/15

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