Meeting You

I’m so happy
Tomorrow I get to see you
I seriously can’t wait
I’ve checked myself in the mirror 1400 times today
I’m excited
I’m happy
And I’m thrilled
It might be the end of now
And the beginning of forever
Or just a pretty day in paradise
Either way I’ve grown since this morning
And so either way it’s been a benefit
Is that not the way to live a life?
In joy in the moment that presents itself
I think it is
And if tomorrow comes and you don’t show
I’ve experienced that high
And I’ll hold onto the feeling
As the gates come crashing shut around me
And the skies darken as far as I can see
I will access that happy
And I’ll dress in it
And as you shot me down you will have protected me
And off I’ll stroll
One more forever lesson learnt.

Bears Rebellion 29/03/15

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