Social Interaction A Nil Thing

Is anyone I know here on the bus?
It’s lonely at the front
I’m at a loss
The bus is full
The seats are occupied
Standing room only and barely just
And no one smiles
And no one talks
Not a word is spoken
But their minds stalk
As their eyes watch
And observe the action
Searching for anything
Justification for adverse reaction
Anything to break up the boredom surrounding
And I’m here searching, hoping, praying
Looking for enthusiasm and conversation
Looking for life, a spark in the dark
Anything holy, social, right on the mark
Anything at all
A crack in expression
Come on people give me a reason
Restore my faith in happy humanity
Break out of your mould
And better we’ll all be
Any takers?
No not one at all
Never mind, too late
Here’s my stop and I’m gone.

Bears Rebellion 28/03/15

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