For The Posers

At first when I see you
I am displeased by the display
Laid bare in front of my eyes
It’s an uncomfortable feeling
You evoke socially learnt disgust within me
And I hate what I’m forced to see
But I can’t take my eyes away
So I let the jealousy slip away
And then breathe out the dismay
And feel the feeling inside now
Fresh like a daisy
Warm to behold
Dizzy and tingly
Better than new gold
So this is what you do to me
I accept it and I’m now free to be
Dirty in my fantasy
Of what I want to do to you
And don’t tell me it’s bad
Don’t tell me it’s crass
You presented yourself naked
That’s your legacy lass
So show me your flesh
Part your legs wide
And look into my eyes
With your come fuck me eyes
Don’t kid yourself baby
You sent the invitation wide
To the whole fucking internet
With hungry for fame stamped on the side
It wasn’t required
But you ticked that box
And now I want to do things to you
That’ll get me jailed in Fort Knox
So enjoy the thought
I only hope you know
Of the things that you let me feel
And the way that story goes.

Bears Rebellion 27/03/15

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