Sausages And The Ants

Cooked sausages, first time, success and some yummo for sure
Morning comes, run around and do my thing
Lunch comes, its sausage time
Go to claim my prize, hmm sausages
Oh no, what is this?
Ants are all over it, everywhere as far as a couple hundred can be
But I’m hungry
But I love ants
I can’t kill the ants
But the ants are everywhere and moving around fast
If I pick up the bowl I might squash an ant
Time to gather courage
Time to pick the right spot at the right moment
Transport the bowl and sausages and ants outside
Blow under the bowl to clear the landing spot
Down goes the bowl and back I stand
Catch a breath
Success so far
Now to get the sausages
But suddenly I can’t get close to the bowl
Those ants are everywhere
Those ants are spreading and moving fast
If I step near the bowl I might squash some
Time to gather courage
Time to pick the right spot at the right moment
In I go to retrieve a sausage
Can’t get a grip, ants all over those sausages
Take a breath and try again
Manage to grab one sausage in my hand
I step back again
Success so far
Now the ants are all over my hands and the sausage
I blow on my hands and I blow on the sausage
Enough puff to get the ants off
Soft enough so they more float to the ground than slam into the ground
Ants running everywhere
I’m safe and I take a bite
Enjoying the sausage
So good
Time to rescue the rest
One more sausage and we are done
Breath, courage, go for it, success
Step back, blow, smile and eat the second sausage
Walk away, the ants can finish up and I’ll get the bowl later
Body count: one ant, not too bad a deal considering
And no one spared a thought for the piggy!!!

Bears Rebellion 23/03/15

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