Tommy’s Dream

Tommy had a dream last night
As sweet as sweet could be
He dreamt of chocolate apple pie
Straight after hot baked beans
He dreamt of candy coated nuts
Along with the apple pie
And great ginormous lashings of cream
To send his blood sugar sky high
And that was just the beginning
Before that there was more food
Bacon, cheese, bananas and jam
All of which Tommy had chewed
Tommy awoke at quarter past 3
He hadn’t dreamt those things, they were real
And instead of laying in his bed
He had been in the kitchen making a meal
And now his tummy grumbled
And now he lay in pain
Poor Tommy shouldn’t have eaten all of that
His actions were not sane
Poor Tommy cried out loud
He wanted his Mummy now
But she was in the kitchen
Voicing a regular expression of “WOW”
You see Mummy was on indulge
Eating her heart out too
And nothing was going to stop her
There was nothing anyone could do
It was all a fiasco in the kitchen that night
Tomorrow there would be no school or work
Everyone would be home in bed
With their tummies going berserk
So what was the lesson Tommy learnt
To clean his teeth right before bed
And then he would dream about healthy things
At least that’s what his Mummy once said.

Bears Rebellion 08/03/15

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