Silly James Indeed

Henry ran after James in an urgent attempt to gather his attention
Henry eventually catches up to James but is far too exhausted to delivery his message
Henry waves his arms in a gesture that says This Is Important
James stares at Henry for a brief moment, but not liking Henry, he runs on forward across the way
Desperately Henry calls out to James, calls out with all he can muster
James thinks “No, I don’t wish to talk to you, I’m just going to keep on running.”
It’s important; but Henry is too tired to argue, too tired to run on and delivery
Henry misses the chance to convey the urgent and important message to James
James never finds out what it is all about until it is far too late to operate as required
And James remains ignorant to the important factor in the equation and as he runs away, he fails to find out his Mama is has been hurt and is in grave danger of passing away, struggling to hold on for one long moment more so she may see James before the sad and now imminent event that is her death
Silly judgemental James, silly James indeed.

Bears Rebellion 18/02/15

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