Octopus Go Home

Out lays the Octopus
Upon the sea shore
Soaking up sun rays
Longing for more
But the octopus knows
A life fact or two
He’s lives in water
The way octopus do
No trips to the shop
No trips to the pub
No culinary adventures
Just sea hunting grub
No cool clothes
No purple hats
No newsworthy stories
No political stats
No new houses
And definitely no cars
Space travel a dream
No going to Mars!
No was prominent
In the Octopus’ mind
Making him sad
A lot of the time
But as he lay in the sun
With his tentacles burnt
He yearned for the water
His lesson now learnt
And so into the water
He went a slow pace
Octopus now knowing
The water his place
The End.

Bears Rebellion 11/01/15

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