Toys For The Girls

Toys for the boys
The girls don’t get to play
They do the housework
Toys for the boys
In many cool shapes
The girls do the cooking
Today it is crepes
Toys for the boys
Something’s are not fairs
Now the girls turn to play
And the boys left to stare
Cause the girls got a grudge
They’ve waited for years
Their time for fun now
No longer in tears
Dressed up and out they go
Into the world
Stealing cars, robbing banks
Their morals all curled
Fear they dissolve
Now with cold steel nerves
Never going home again
Out playing with pervs
What’s happened to their cares?
Of them they have none
Now free to play around
Outside in the sun
And the housework it waits
For the boys are dumbstruck
Left on the sofa contemplating
Their turn of bad luck
But regardless today
For whatever you say
Equalities finally playing out
In some crazy way
And that is one tale of how tides turn.

Bears Rebellion 09/01/15

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