Clouds Are Alive

The clouds are alive
Their singing to me
The men in the clouds
Are busy at work
They’re making the rain
To keep the worms sane
Again and again
The men make the rain
Day in day out
The wind blows about
I’m caught in a storm
I’m getting drenched to the bone
I’m dreaming of you
Next to the fire
So warm and dry
Happy and high
Soon I’ll be home
Then I’ll be dry
Then I’ll get high
Then we’ll be fine
Together we are
Happy to be
Inside looking out
Watching the rain
Pour down from the sky
Knowing the men in the clouds
Made the rain
For our entertainment
Our entertainment
Our entertainment
Thank-you to the boys in the blue sky
Blue sky high
How do you do it?
Day in day out
How does it feel?
Creating for us
Thank-you little men
Happy may you be.

Bears Rebellion 27/09/14

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