Mommas Stoned Again

I fell down a long way to the ground
I called out come help me mother dear
But she didn’t come for she was not there
She was in the back garden getting high, getting high
Drinking special tea that was surely not for me
Eating cake, eating cookies, talking shit, farting porkies
Oh my mummy dearest
What have you been doing?
I need you mummy dearest
Because I’m all a sinking
And I’m scared as hell
And my dreams are all black
And I’m shaky like a mouse
And they locked me outta the house
But you didn’t see
As I cried another tear
You too busy smoking joints
And you just don’t care
But it’s okay mummy
The answer for me
I’m just going to ever so quietly
sneak away sneak away sneak away.

Bears Rebellion 07/08/14

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