Hungry baby! Let’s eat
I pretend you are a raging warrior when I watch you eat
And dream of the feast we shall hold one day
A proper feast
Enormous table, buxom waitresses with beer
Wine in goblets and many cheeses
Grapes and mangoes laid out
Pig on the spit and lamb ready to devour
Massive chunks of meat waiting to be torn apart
Torn by teeth of men like you
I watch you with longing
Like a young bird waiting for it’s mother to provide
Feed me now
Tear for me the tiniest morsel
Hold it firmly between your teeth
Drop it directly into my mouth
I’m so hungry
I’ll consume that morsel with passion
Then we’ll eat until we’re full
Until we’re satisfied
Until we’ve grossly overdone it
Until we’ve finished expressing ourselves with roaring laughter.

Bears Rebellion 15/06/14

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