Flamingo Watches

The flamingo sits on high and watches us
We move and grove
We prance and dance
We preen to be seen
Because really IT’S ALL ABOUT US!
And what the flamingo thinks is
“What a shame
What a disgrace
So much potential
Gone to waste
Why do they play this silly game?
This game of “Look at me”
The same old tired script
Now just a parody
The same words
The same beats
The same prescribed life cheats
It holds no originality
And it has no personality”
The flamingo fears for man
A culture on mass
Without a soul
It’s an embarrassment
To watch evolve
It’s beautiful yet it’s boring
It’s ugly if it’s roaring
And really while he’s yawning
The flamingo softly wishes
It would all just go away.

Bears Rebellion 15/02/14

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