Things That Rock

1. Things that rock: cafes that let us charge dead phones.
2. Things that rock: randomly coming across people who are willing to buy your stuff that you forgot to advertise, but randomly took a chance and asked a stranger.
3. Things that rock: moving house, everything inside before it rains, thanks weather god!
4. Things that rock: lying in bed all day with the sun streaming in the windows
5. Things that rock: getting a haircut with ya favourite girl.
6. Things that rock: moving house and nothing at all smashes in the process.
7. Things that rock: waking up to fresh pineapple for breakfast.
8. Things that rock: getting a nasty speeding ticket and then waking up knowing it was all a dream.
9. Things that rock: getting out of bed
10. Things that rock: finding cds, you ain’t listened too for ages but you still love
11. Things that rock: sewing a dress in one night and upping your skill level alot.
12. Things that rock: it’s about to rain heavy and I’m going for a little cruise on my bike.
13. Things that rock: punnets of strawberries when every single strawberry is ripe, sweet, and not a smudge of rot in sight.
14. Things that rock: seeing possums in the park doing their thing, staring at you, munching, jumping, running around,
then you see a mama possum with a babee on her back, Awwwww.
15. Things that rock: finding someone who can fix a broken HTC screen for under $50 or near enough. (Note that I’m still looking so yell out if you know anyone)
16. Things that rock: Stepping out your front door and a workmen’s ladder to the roof is right there, so you go for a climb and the view is breathless, sun shining, happiness in a split second.
17. Things that rock: Discovering the best lil cafe in ur new neighbourhood happens to make the best coffee, with the nicest staff, plays music perfect for ur mood at that exact moment and happy lets you pay later if you only have god dam eftpos in ur wallet. Super yay Fandango, things that rock, you do!!!!
18. Things that rock: all my friends
19. Things that rock: the 2 second rule, and if you push it out a little, I’ll still love ya.
20. Things that rock: sales girls that give a dam, aren’t pushy or rude.
21. Things that rock: comin home 2 hear ur housemate screw a different girl each night, & they all sound like stuck nanny goats Yea awesom, any1 want a sound recordin?
22. Things that rock: homeless bum sees u runin 4 tram, jams door open, high 5s u as u leap on board just in time b4 door closes.
23. Things that rock: the penny drops inside that mess of your head and whamo here’s your answer. We’re talking more of a $100 bill than a penny here, ahhhh feels good.
24. Things that rock: Aqua Teen Hungerforce, but u knew that already didn’t ya.
25. Things that rock: I love doing laundry (yes i might be the only person in the world with this affliction) but my great friend messaged me today to say she was thinking of me and things I’ve done as she was hanging out the washing and what rocks is I’m not even sure she knows about my laundry love til now.
26. Things that rock: discovering a whole part of town when you move one direction 15mins walk, different sense of peace, buildings, dress, colours, etc
27. Things that rock: having computer help at the other end of the phone cause ur too retarded to work it out urself. Thanks mate!
28. Things that rock: finding classic books in op shops for $1 or less.
29. Things that rock: 80s Aussie Rock, all the way.
30. Things that rock: big bad munchies right b4 the ding dong bell 4 bedtime ensurin a feast of crazy colour dreams r servd up all nte long.
31. Things that rock: finding strength to act instead of playing victim anymore, life’s a trip I tell ya.
32. Things that rock: really thin biscuits.
33. Things that rock: quirky conversations with strangers that provide a whole new point of view.
34. Things that rock: um um dum dum dee do da, thinking, thinking, , , um nope nothing rocked today except my bed, yes that rocked but its best it did, I was in it til 4.30 pm. Bliss
35. Things that rock: the view from my bedroom sits about the rooftops, plenty rich greenery and feels like it goes on forever. Queen in my castle, ahhhh wonderful.
36. Things that rock: knowing some offensive terms have been in use since 1400, turd for one. (see my photos for more info)
37. Things that rock: feeling sad and knowing it’s okay cause the sun will come up tomorrow, just like Annie said.
38. Things that rock: watching your art transform into something else with every little addition and learning from the process.
39. Things that rock: days full of Motorhead and Bad Religion, enuff said really, except Lemmy, quietly repeated over and over just cause.
40. Things that rock: Nana naps, go on, you know you want one!
41. Things that rock: Victorian Ambulance Service, when u need them, they’ll be there, and a big fat Thank You
42. Things that rock: drawing up designs over a coffee while Dolly Pardon plays in the background and the rain falls gently outside.
43. Things that rock: Uhura of Star Trek.
44. Things that rock: Laugh my fucking ass off! This guy’s got me laughing everytime I see his wall, check it out, seriously funny shit.
45. Things that rock: getting to know you neighbours and being given delicious chocolate cake in the process. I urge each and every one of you to get out there and meet your neighbours; you never know what you’ll find.
46. Things that rock: my mind, it’s like I’m on acid 24-7 sometimes.
47. Things that rock: finding a crisp hundy you forgot you took out of the ATM, yes it’s yours but it’s like free money.
48. Things that rock: making it to work, no brakes, even better some lovely fixing my brakes on the sly so I have brakes riding home. Homee u rock, tanks a million.
49. Things that rock: conceivin an idea 4 a new picture that u hav no idea how 2 create, sussin it out step by step, startin, & get far enuf 2 see it come 2 life.
50. Things that rock: the sweet giggles and appreciation you get for asking some people if you can take photos of something they are wearing or doing or carrying. They love it!!!
51. Things that rock: people who do cool things, like offering you a ride home when it’s raining 🙂 cheers
52. Things that rock: Firefox updates which politely assist you in deleting all the other nasty self imposed internet search engines and thereby giving you clarity and a sense of ahhhh that’s better whenever you want to get on the net and play.
53. Things that rock: enforced rests in the sunshine because you are waiting for the train and there’s nowhere else to go in the meantime.
54. Things that rock: dead phones taking 5 mins to charge enough for the day, esp. when you only have 5 mins to charge the phone.
55. Things that rock: Tropical juice bar, Elizabeth St, Melbourne!
56. Things that rock: getting caught in a sudden heavy thunder & lightning storm, throwing up your arms and shouting hell yeah full volume.
57. Things that rock: Being the only one to understand the tram drivers thick incomprehensible don’t give a dam drawl means you get to say EVERYONE GET OFF, THERES BEEN AN ACCIDENT! You are instantly obeyed even though the accident was across the road.
58. Things that rock: hearing Sweet Home Alabama on the bus intercom, makes up for everything else and leaves you hyped for the rest of the day.
59. Things that rock: finishing your internet session one second before it runs out, leaves you feeling perfectly insinc with things.
60. Things that rock: Yolandi, you twisted little bitch, you give me reason back, and your boys, I’m outta my bed now, gonna find some new toys!!
61. Things that rock: watching paint dry because in this instance it’s taking on a life of its own.
62. Things that rock: takin to the paintin that’s not working with a white coat, startin again & in 1 session, it all comes right. Hyperventilating, yay fucken yay.
63. Things that rock: I do, alone at night, in my room; I bust out the best moves, naked.
64. Things that rock: having no bed means having a dance floor and that’s quite preferable really, there’s always the couch after all.
65. Things that rock: Turd Circus 2 about to be released. If you don’t understand this I might order you a copy and you too can sit back and laugh and laugh and laugh.
66. Things that rock: Waking up to good news.
67. Things that rock: Pouring an ice cold 1.25 litre sparkling water over yourself on hot sticky days, it’ll make you move.
68. Things that rock: Laying in bed all day watching vids while it rains outside.
69. Things that rock: Wicked beats coming to life all of a sudden out of your stereo and you didn’t hit play.
70. Things that rock: Kenworth trucks and that’s the final word.

Bears Rebellion 07/10/13

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