Christmas Tree Gifts For Me

I went to a rich shop and looked at the tree
Covered in small things all talking to me
Mesmerized and fascinated I reached out a hand
I took a small lolly and I made a plan
I came back the next day and a lolly I stole
And then the next day a small plastic foul
Animals and lollies and tiny toy kings
Begging to come home in my bag of things
Soon I had collected a train and a plane, an automobile
A doll, a frog, a guitar and a dog
All miniature toys seemingly made just for me
Or so I thought, and why should I pay a fee?
The store man he watched me,
The store man he knew
For he often smiled down upon me and said “How do you do?”
Why did he not stop me? I cannot be sure
I think he felt pity and knew I was poor
For mine was a story of rags and no glory
And this was simply his way
Of saying “Merry Christmas and have a nice day!”

Bears Rebellion 10/09/13

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