Bright Yellow Trolley

I went out today with no money in my pocket
I saw things I wanted so bad
6 pair of scissors with all different edges
Shoes they call wedges
Coloured pens and pencils galore
Biscuits and cake
Lots of things to make
Furniture all sizes its true
Guns, trucks, cars and trains
Toy horses with leather reigns
And dolls with electric pink hair
Ribbons to wrap it all
Great things from the shopping mall
Things I just couldn’t afford
Things that I didn’t need
Things powered by electric lead
Chanting “buy us and be happy”
I walked on by and I breathed
My wanting increasingly seethed
Me not spending a penny at all
Until there it was right in front of me
Painted with a big number 3
A bright bold yellow trolley I saw
With a bright yellow pull bar
Enormous tyres to ride it far
Suddenly I’m in want heaven complete
I want it
I’ll use it
I’ll put stuff inside it
I’ll glow when I ride it
I’ll wheel it and cruise it
I’ll use it, I’ll use it
I’ll use it with such great delight
A trolley so beautiful
A trolley so grand
A trolley that costs more than I have
I prayed and I cried and I wished mighty hard
For the Bright Yellow Trolley to take home
I’ll do what I can; I’ll go broke
I’ll be late with my rent and my bills
I want it so badly
I want it so much
And what can I do about that?
A whole hour later
I wandered on home
To the furthest side of the town
Sad and disillusioned is true
Such is the force of the material life
Really just unpleasant emotional strife
Bound to get us all in the end.

Bears Rebellion 13/08/13

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