Not So Pretty Now

You split the wax and I broke the mould
We built the world afresh and danced on beautiful lines
And then the lightning hit
We didn’t know what to do
We ran inside the old school hall
And multiplied by two
Because while everything was fine
And things were going dandy
We thought we ruled the roost
But we knew no more than candy
Nature spat the dummy
She had told us to take care
While we danced in our safe circle
We chose not to hear to the fear
We had cut down all the trees
Drained the earth of blood
We had created grand chaos
Turning valleys into mud
And everyday something went wrong
Something disappeared and died
Nature sat upon her throne
And slowly surely cried
And every day we carried on
As if it didn’t matter
As things got worse and horribly bad
Our actions amounted just to natter
So before this tale becomes a truth
Wake up, and do the right thing
Fight the good fight
Make the changes
And make Mother Nature all alright.
She will love you for it XXX

Bears Rebellion 30/07/13

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