Independant Dick

Awwwww yawn, gotta get up now, rise out of bed, quick check my penis size, yes yes yes.
My cock it grew a whole inch in the middle of the night, oh what a nice impressive sight
I had prayed and wanted so bad, a large destructive cock, just like a massive dildo straight out of the box
All day I felt great, all day I felt fine, went out that night drinking superior wine.
Home to bed, said a prayer, awoke in the morning and guess what was there.
Another inch another day, hooray hooray hooray hooray
I’m on my way to cock throbbing heaven, impress the ladies I will, when I reach seven.
The next day I awoke to a glorious sight, my dick had grown again, but deep down inside a terrible pain
I had to tell myself to relax, it’s perfectly fine, it’s just growing pains and a dam healthy sign.
Never mind never fear the next day the same, I’m already at 5 inches, but with increased pain,
And a restlessness deep down below, my dick feels hungry, this isn’t right
No no no! What oh god, what’s going on, its doubled in size
It’s all going wrong because my jeans are now tight, it’s embarrassing is too bloody right.
I now measure ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen.
What did I do, what did I wish for, it’s growing, it’s heavy, it’s pulsing, it’s scary and now twice the size again, 26, 52, that’s over 4 ft, what will I do?
Dear me, no good at all, dear me no fun, for my cock rocking beast looks likes its won, cause it’s bigger than me, there’s no blood left in my head, that’s means only one thing, I shall soon be dead.
There’s a squeeze down below, a tight nasty grip, with no blood in my body, no need for me now, my cock drank all I had and wants to be free.
Pop, off I fall, tossed to the ground, and in my dying moments, I look up to see my cock hopping off far far from me.

Bears Rebellion 13/07/13

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