Wise Crow’s Delivery

Notice the wise crow, he flies to the King
The crowds look up and start to sing
Crow has gone to gather some gold
Bringing it home to the hungry and old
They sell it on forward for potatoes and corn
The hunger will end, come the new dawn
Fish from the pond, milk, nuts and bananas
Wonderful to eat when wearing pyjamas
A pound of salt, sweeties galore
Rice and fresh celery, and then some more
Chocolate, cereal, carrots and peas
Microwavable vegetable pies, old mouldy cheese
Ranges of yoghurt, beans, raisins, juice
Anything mushroom fried sticky or loose
Cake and tart and pecan pie flan
Eggs for omelettes you cook in a pan
Marshmallows, ice cream, crushed nuts by the pound
Capsicum and apples that make a crunch sound
Juniper berries dried hard in the sun
Gingerbread men to add to the fun
Bread and butter and many nice jams
Pavlova and cream to squash in your hands
And sweet little biscuits, they can’t forget those!
And and and then one more thing,
What will it be? Well of course!
A giant enormous great bag of tea.

Bears Rebellion 03/04/13

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