Room Of Colour

Here I am spreading the colour on colour on colour on colour on colour
Til there ain’t no more room for anyone to move within the room
Because the colours have completely taken over the space, the decor, the hypographic situation
Its a lace, a fascinating creation, a rainbow delight of pastel and neon clashing
Surrounding me, enveloping me, engulfing me, supporting me and tainting my mind at the same time
My mind, my vision, my expression, my impression, my style and my whole simple being.
And then there’s a knock at the door, all the children of the world wish to come and see my room of colour,
They wish to dance a storm in my room, they wish to let the paint talk, show them the lessons in life they need now
But there is no room in my room of colour no more
And so be still and be quiet little ones,
Come lie in the grass in the park across the way
I’ll open the door to the room of colour,
glimpse inside and see what you can see, feel the emotion and let the dreams you dream be real.

Bears Rebellion 31/03/13

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