Blank Page

It is a blank page that I write on
a page with no lines, no numbers, nothing to go by, no rules and no agendas
just wide open space, a clean fresh and empty place
to play on, to run forth, to pour out and tumble about
scribbled first thoughts, lines into letters, letters into words, into sentences, paragraphs, whole stories to tell
descriptions, definitions, extraordinary outlines, defamation, deliveries, prayers, hopes and dreams
the mind rapidly carefully, carelessly, accidentally, knowingly, considerably exposed to all men who can read
truth just an option now, here in my castle fantasy rules, the fields alight, the armies at fight, the children play wild, the dancers turn somersaults and anything goes
stroke by stroke my mind converts, corrupts, deceives, whispers, pleases, teases to the fill
the blank page even if erased will never be the same again.

Bears Rebellion 21/03/13

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