I Went To The Shops

I went to the shops
And got a 6 pack of loo paper
And a small bottle of cream
And a Popsicle pink coloured upside down dream
Where the ants ate the beavers
While the beavers gave birth
To an army of thinkers
Breed for wide girth
So they’d make better lovers
And life would be great
For the girls in the army
Ready to take
All that cock crazy bait
And as they submitted themselves
Down on their knees
Out of the blue
Came 30 fat scary bees
God deemed it crazy
The Church cried immoral
The bees stung the bitches
And the bitches got itches
And when judgement was done,
And everyone home and away,
I slowly walked to the checkout
For I still had to pay.

Bears Rebellion 01/01/13

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