Perception Of Status

So very much insanity
In everyone surrounding me
Just to prove a point
The status they perceive
“Look at me!”
“Look at me!”
Is that all that you’ll ever be?
You work your whole life through.
Just so you can gather looks
You’re great, you’re great
You’re worth your weight
In pounds and pounds of gold
But I really have to ask you
Is that all that your mind can hold?
Where is the depth?
Where is the meaning, the mystery and joy?
Oh I see
You’re wearing it and you’re driving it
You’re bloody well residing in it
You’re living it while you’re laying in it,
With plastic cards you’re paying for it
Pushing, cheating, spoiling, stealing, lying and receiving
Burning up the world
For the status you perceive.

Bears Rebellion 26/12/12

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