Poor Baby Lays Lost

She’s lonely, scared, and confused and abused desperately trying to interpret the situation laid out in front of her,
Finding in the immediate future there are no benefits apparent,
Yet calming down to look deeper reveals a river of greatness some day to flow right across her path,
And drown her in intensity conditional naturally that she can get bear the bugger of now,
Being timid, tired, poor, frustrated, cold, sad, broken and bored,
Grumpy, jumpy, erratic, over emotional, bitchy, sore, hammered, haggard, unhappy and livid.
Hmmm she considers all factors and decides it is worth a try,
Picks herself up off the floor,
Walks to the kitchen door,
Grabs a chocolate biscuit to gobble and of course one more
Then chooses the soft pink couch to wait out an undefined number of days ahead.

Bears Rebellion 05/12/12

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