Dr. Mark

Freight train travelling through the night,
Down the tracks and out of sight,
Jogger appears in morning light.
Moving low around the park,
Emerges from the hours of dark,
We read his name is Dr. Mark.
Going home to munch on lime,
Consciously aware of time,
Last night he did heinous crime.
What it was we dare not say,
Best you find out your own way,
It did involve his new wife Faye.
Who, at the time was on her rag,
Her best friend, a famous fag,
Her favourite thing, her Prada bag.
The police will be there half past eight,
Faye’s dead body a piece of bait,
To hand Dr. Mark his twist of fate.
And therein lies a tale of chocolate, sex and greed.

Bears Rebellion  23/11/12

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