Meeting You

I’m so happy
Tomorrow I get to see you
I seriously can’t wait
I’ve checked myself in the mirror 1400 times today
I’m excited
I’m happy
And I’m thrilled
It might be the end of now
And the beginning of forever
Or just a pretty day in paradise
Either way I’ve grown since this morning
And so either way it’s been a benefit
Is that not the way to live a life?
In joy in the moment that presents itself
I think it is
And if tomorrow comes and you don’t show
I’ve experienced that high
And I’ll hold onto the feeling
As the gates come crashing shut around me
And the skies darken as far as I can see
I will access that happy
And I’ll dress in it
And as you shot me down you will have protected me
And off I’ll stroll
One more forever lesson learnt.

Bears Rebellion 29/03/15

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Social Interaction A Nil Thing

Is anyone I know here on the bus?
It’s lonely at the front
I’m at a loss
The bus is full
The seats are occupied
Standing room only and barely just
And no one smiles
And no one talks
Not a word is spoken
But their minds stalk
As their eyes watch
And observe the action
Searching for anything
Justification for adverse reaction
Anything to break up the boredom surrounding
And I’m here searching, hoping, praying
Looking for enthusiasm and conversation
Looking for life, a spark in the dark
Anything holy, social, right on the mark
Anything at all
A crack in expression
Come on people give me a reason
Restore my faith in happy humanity
Break out of your mould
And better we’ll all be
Any takers?
No not one at all
Never mind, too late
Here’s my stop and I’m gone.

Bears Rebellion 28/03/15

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For The Posers

At first when I see you
I am displeased by the display
Laid bare in front of my eyes
It’s an uncomfortable feeling
You evoke socially learnt disgust within me
And I hate what I’m forced to see
But I can’t take my eyes away
So I let the jealousy slip away
And then breathe out the dismay
And feel the feeling inside now
Fresh like a daisy
Warm to behold
Dizzy and tingly
Better than new gold
So this is what you do to me
I accept it and I’m now free to be
Dirty in my fantasy
Of what I want to do to you
And don’t tell me it’s bad
Don’t tell me it’s crass
You presented yourself naked
That’s your legacy lass
So show me your flesh
Part your legs wide
And look into my eyes
With your come fuck me eyes
Don’t kid yourself baby
You sent the invitation wide
To the whole fucking internet
With hungry for fame stamped on the side
It wasn’t required
But you ticked that box
And now I want to do things to you
That’ll get me jailed in Fort Knox
So enjoy the thought
I only hope you know
Of the things that you let me feel
And the way that story goes.

Bears Rebellion 27/03/15

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He Made A Book

His name is Thomas
He makes stuff
He made a book I love
It’s a dot to dot book
For big people
Giving us the joy back we knew as kids
Counting 1 to 1000
And finding wonderful along the way
Perfecting patience
Exercising eyeballs
Feeling achievement
And having a grand afternoon as we connect
1 to 2
2 to 3
3 to 4
And so on and so on and so on until
The last line is in place
And the elephant, horse, frog or dog
Comes to life and we say
There’s another one out of the way
Thanks Thomas for your brilliant mind.
And it’s to be said these words relate to The 1000 Dot-To-Dot Book by Thomas Pavitte
Because it’s great and has given me joy.

Bears Rebellion 26/03/15

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Deep Into The Woods

We went deep into the woods
Riding white horses through the tall unpredictable trees
And then we came upon a tiny cabin
Deep into the woods
Standing there an old man
Wise and willing wanting to talk
He invited us in
And in we went
Into the cabin
Deep inside the woods
The door shut
The horses ran
The old man disappeared
The floor gave way
And we were trapped
Deep inside the woods
Suddenly there was nothing
Suddenly all was gone
We were falling down into the ground
And far beyond
Suddenly we stopped
Suddenly we hit the ground
But we were in a vacuum
Never to be found
And so if we are really lost forever
How you found our story we can’t be sure
We just hope you haven’t become victim
To the deep in the woods allure.

Bears Rebellion 25/03/15

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Is this why people hunt their lovers
To starve off the loneliness
As winter strikes the heart of all around
For that loneliness is cold
And that loneliness it hurts
It bites so deep
It will not settle
Instead constantly gnawing at a pit inside
Wrapping me in a blanket of sadness
And if I’m not on guard
My sadness will surely become despair
And then the end will surely call me near.

Bears Rebellion 24/03/15

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Sausages And The Ants

Cooked sausages, first time, success and some yummo for sure
Morning comes, run around and do my thing
Lunch comes, its sausage time
Go to claim my prize, hmm sausages
Oh no, what is this?
Ants are all over it, everywhere as far as a couple hundred can be
But I’m hungry
But I love ants
I can’t kill the ants
But the ants are everywhere and moving around fast
If I pick up the bowl I might squash an ant
Time to gather courage
Time to pick the right spot at the right moment
Transport the bowl and sausages and ants outside
Blow under the bowl to clear the landing spot
Down goes the bowl and back I stand
Catch a breath
Success so far
Now to get the sausages
But suddenly I can’t get close to the bowl
Those ants are everywhere
Those ants are spreading and moving fast
If I step near the bowl I might squash some
Time to gather courage
Time to pick the right spot at the right moment
In I go to retrieve a sausage
Can’t get a grip, ants all over those sausages
Take a breath and try again
Manage to grab one sausage in my hand
I step back again
Success so far
Now the ants are all over my hands and the sausage
I blow on my hands and I blow on the sausage
Enough puff to get the ants off
Soft enough so they more float to the ground than slam into the ground
Ants running everywhere
I’m safe and I take a bite
Enjoying the sausage
So good
Time to rescue the rest
One more sausage and we are done
Breath, courage, go for it, success
Step back, blow, smile and eat the second sausage
Walk away, the ants can finish up and I’ll get the bowl later
Body count: one ant, not too bad a deal considering
And no one spared a thought for the piggy!!!

Bears Rebellion 23/03/15

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