Life On Display

Life on display through the windows of pretty little glass towers
For those inside prefer the view to privacy
And as I rush past on the train I wonder if they know at all I’m looking in
If they realized they are being watched, studied, observed, and noted
If they know I draw them in my mind into fantasy characters
Mess up their realities in my head and have them house swap
Wife swap
Clothes swap
Giving them names and jobs and personalities
Seeing them loving and fighting, arguing and crying, cleaning and dreaming of running away
But they will never leave
They will be here tomorrow
Because I have written it so
Because I need them to stay
For they are the ones to play my characters
And it can simply be no other way.

Bears Rebellion 02/03/15

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Attitude Intense

The tall elongated never ending lady from hell stands directly in front of me
I’m taken back to those days when I too wore tall shoes
When I too towered over all around me
When I too cursed others with a fire of calculated spite that rose from the pits of my barely beating heart
But then I grew up
And so too will the tall elongated never ending lady from hell
Or in the least the world can hope so.

Bears Rebellion 01/03/15

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She Wore Ribbons In Her Hair

Only a fortnight ago she wore ribbons in her hair
Only a fortnight ago she was free to run across the mountains
Never really understanding the opportunities before her
And now she can’t for now she is trapped
Caught in someone else’s game on the deep dark frontier that is the wrong side of life
No one warned her, no one cared enough to notice
But sometimes that’s what happens when you gather with the beasts
They break your heart leaving you wide eyed and weary
Lucky to ever trust anyone again
Too far from home to return
Left with nothing but a mighty wound
Bound to scar as a reminder.

Bears Rebellion 28/02/15

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No Idea

She came running into the house
She had a shrill tone of wild excitement
She twirled as she entered
Twirled while running
She had no idea anyone else was at home
We looked with some fast paced neck twisting to catch a glimpse of this wild pansy
And our hands rushed to block ears
But it was too late
The shrill too loud and us in the way
Now we are deaf and broken
With memories of a disastrous day.

Bears Rebellion 27/02/15

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Random Regular

Random regular events filled the void in my social calendar
This gave me reason to carry on
To get out of our bed
To greet the day with a sliver of a smile
To shine inside at a possible upcoming date with a now time fantasy ringing wildly in my head
Regardless that these were at a maximum only once a year events
But they were enough to make each day manageable
And they were enough that even my corn cakes tasted good
And they kept me on track and alive
And grateful when the invites poured into the letterbox.

Bears Rebellion 26/02/15

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Roaming On Clouds

There is a cave in the clouds
Inviting me to enter inside
I’ll be required to float
There is no stable floor
The day will be exciting and adventurous
Maybe frightening yet definitely delighting
Either way I’ll love it
It’ll thrill me
It’ll amaze me
I’ll be entertained and a little hazy
Wrapped in the bright white puffiness
Cold by the physics
Warm by the adventure of things
Yes I’m going to the cave in the clouds

Bears Rebellion 25/02/15

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Just A Little Hectic

Just a little hectic
Swimming under water
Fighting ferocious tides
Pulling you to and fro
Suddenly you panic and you struggle
There’s frustration and you’re frightened
Losing the fight you can’t afford to
Losing all your energy
Letting go
You slip right under
And then battles done.

Bears Rebellion 24/02/15

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